Koreana Bus Co. Ltd is the Ghana subsidiary of Korea Auto Co. Ltd in Suwon Korea. Korea Auto is a leading distributor for KIA buses in Ghana. For over 25 years, Korea Auto was the first to introduce Korea buses into the country, with the first been in 1994.

Through Korea Auto, the first luxury bus of 28 seater capacity was introduced into the country (Ghana) in 1998. Due to the demand and need to better satisfy our African base especially West Africa which includes Ghana, we have established Koreana Bus Co. Ltd to facilitate and make easier the acquiring of KIA buses (both brand new and second hand) as well as quality spare parts at affordable prices and after sales services which have been tailored to suit the needs of our customers.

Recognized Kia Dealers

Koreana Bus Co. Ltd is recognized by KIA motors as an authorized agent dealing in KIA commercial buses as well as spare parts.

Nationwide Agents

We have agents in most of the cities in the country who ensure that customers in other parts of Ghana can easily have access to our products.


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available 0 cars

Wants to purchase a bus?

Our cars are delivered with all requirements completed. We’ll deliver your brand new car without any defect .

Comfortable Buses

It is very important to consider safety when dealing with commercial buses. Safety and Comfort is guaranteed.


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Authorized Dealers

Koreana Bus Co. Ltd. is an authorized of  KIA Granbird buses. 

Growing Client base

Individual and organization are trusting and using the KIA brand of buses everyday. Don’t be left out.

Safe & Comfortable

The comfort that comes with the KIA Grandbird is amazing. This is built with you in mind.

Spare Parts

We also have quality and affordable spare parts with after sales services tailored to suite you.

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